WB Consultancy

Writing, Coaching, Creating!


Looking to move past your stuck points at home or at work? Looking to unleash your creativity? Looking to delve into your writing in a deeper, more meaningful way? I’m here to help you!  I coach people through transitions from work to relationships, teach Writing from the Deep Voice tele-classes for seasoned and novice writers, and put together creativity retreats to unlock your inner muses.

“You tailored the coaching to me exactly where I am at!” - Christy

“Leslie took my writing from so so to me creating a story that leaves the listeners hanging and wanting more.”  -Canny

“Leslie is creative, insightful, and  her guidance in how to tweak one’s writing is always kind and spot on. I come out of that class feeling uplifted, and like I just might be able to tackle that book idea I’ve had in the back of my mind forever.” - Sara



Ready to have it all? Ready to create that magical life you know you can have? Ready to unleash your creativity?

Photo Credit: Liz Linder